Windpower maintenance and installation works

  • Periodical maintenances
  • Mechanical, hydraulic and electrical maintenance works
  • Changing main components such as blades, transformers, bearings, gearboxes and generators
  • Drive train alignment
  • Oil changes, glycol cooling system flushings
  • Hailo and DualLift service sertificates
  • Metal works in our workshop

Supervision and site management

  • Lifting works and lifting supervision, site management
  • Mechanical and electrical installation works

Inspections and consulting

  • Wind turbine inspections
  • Demanding wind turbine maintenance projects, troubleshooting
  • Fall protection equipment inspection
  • Lifting equipment inspection


  • Mining industry
  • Electrical installation and maintenance
  • Mechanical installation and maintenance
  • Component exchanges

On-site machining on different customer locations

Examples of on-site machining works:

  • Grinding, reaming and turning of bearings
  • Drilling and honing of coupling holes
  • Repairs, turning and grinding of axle stubs