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  • 27.11.2014
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JBE Service participated in Lumituuli’s offshore project

JBE Service's Jarmo Berg acted as the responsible site manager during the installation of Vestas V90 turbine and decommissioning of Vestas V47 turbines on an artifical island in Varjakka, Lumijoki. The project is owned by Lumituuli Oy.

The lifting operations were performed on a barge.









For a while there were two turbines on the island.










JBE Service to install Obelux aviation lights at Taaleritehdas’ wind farm

Obelux Oy published a press release today concerning aviation light supply and installation to Taaleritehdas' Myllykangas wind farm in Ii, Finland. JBE Service will perform the installation works of the aviation lights similarly as in Merijärvi last year. We are very glad to cooperate with Obelux Oy in this project.

See the press release here.


JBE attended Gamesa’s seminar

Wind turbine manufacturer Gamesa arranged a very interesting seminar on 17.9. which included presentations, a site visit to Salo wind farm and later a karting competition.

We were excited to see Gamesa's new 5 MW turbine, but not so excited when Jarmo suffered a bitter loss in karting qualification round to Puhuri's Timo. (Unfortunately we missed the finals because we had to catch a flight.)

Big thanks to Gamesa's team for a very nice day!

Gamesa turbine Gamesa 2Qualification results group 1

Working in extreme conditions

Summer in Finland can be quite freezing. Rope works in Hamina were done in hailstorm with temperature close to zero during the Midsummer festival week. I was quite happy to stay at ground level with my winter jacket on!


Offshore project started

Last summer we did offshore projects in Sweden, this summer we have two "nearshore" projects in Finland.

Below is a picture of the cranes being moved to site today.


Projects in Finland started

JBE Crew has finalised the projects in Estonia, and we will be spending the rest of the spring and summer mostly in our homeland.

Here's a bird's eye view from the site for a change:


Crane driver at work:


Lifting strap action:


Projects in Estonia started

Estonia2 JBE Crew will be busy with big projects in Estonia this spring. Let's hope the winds are favorable for the heavy liftings.


Greetings from Down Under!

JBE Service's Tuomas conducted gearbox inspections at two wind farms in Australia in January and enjoyed slightly nicer weather than we here in Finland.

There has been discussion in Finland how the wind turbines might destroy wildlife and drive animals away, but at least in Australia animals seem to be accustomed to the turbines and even make use of them against the heat. See pictures below (click to make them bigger).



Australia_3_    Australia_2_


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