Jarmo Berg
Managing Director
- Technical issues
- Administration
Mobile: +35840 7751410
Petri Määttä
Project Manager
- Project management
- Procurement
Mobile: +35840 7513390
Marko Leminen
Supervisor of Electrical Work
Mobile: +35840 7060143
Marja Annola
 HR Specialist
Mobile: +35840 7664207
Jonna Olkoniemi
 Executive Assistant
- Invoicing
Mobile: +35840 7471538


Email: info(at)jbeservice.fi
All our employees have email addresses in the form firstname.lastname@jbeservice.fi
Business ID: 2489005-2

Visiting and delivery address:

JBE Service Oy
Vaneritie 5
91100 Ii

Electronic invoice address:

E-invoice address: 003724890052
E-invoice operator: OpusCapita Group Oy
E-invoice operator code: 003710948874

Invoicing address:

NB: This address is only for invoices!

JBE Service Oy
PL 93658
00021 Laskutus